Stikado is a versatile building set for creating shelfs with different boards and materials. The smart system turns you into a designer and enables an easy way to set up your new furniture. A bookshelf, a sideboard or a sofa table, you name it - with Stikado you can build almost anything!

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For attaching the sticks with the chosen boards, you first have to drill couple of holes. This is easily done with the marker plate, driller and user friendly manual included in the package. After drilling, the sticks are screwed to the boards manually. And in no time, you have your dream shelf standing before you!


Stikado BASIS set is a starting kit for your shelf project. It contains all the pieces you need to build a shelf (exluding the boards and a drill machine): 8 sticks and the tools required. With PLUS 4 set you can expand your shelf in every direction.


With Stikado you can use any material you want, from painted boards to old leftover pieces. Creating stepped shelves is also possible. You can freely determine the geometry of your boards, long or short, round or square. So let your imagination run wild!


Since the boards are clamped between the sticks at each connection point, the Stikado system is very stable. High shelves must be anchored to the wall anyway (due to the risk of overturning by children who love to climb) with the enclosed bracket.


Design: Jakob Schenk
Manufacturer: JAKOB SCHENK
Pictures: Jakob Schenk
Year: 2017

Made in Germany

- Stikado building set
- Boards of your choise
- Standard driller

Room between the boards: 33.5 cm
Board thickness: 12 mm - 30 mm
Horizontal distance between the sticks: max. 100cm (depending on material)
Load capacity: 30kg per board (depending on material)
The wall bracket should be used for heights of 5 boards or more.

Sticks (black) 8x
Set screws 4x
End screws (black) 6x
Adjustable feet 6x
Adjusting screws 6x
Washers (black) 22x
Wall bracket 2x
Drilling template 1x
Allen key 1x
Wood drill 11mm 1x
Building instruction 1x

Sticks: steel tube D 13 mm, black matt powdercoated, fine structure RAL 9005
Additional parts: steel, partly black powdercoated with RAL 9005
Gliders: plastic