Möbellabel & Designstudio

Wir sind sowohl Ideenschmiede als auch Marke für funktionale Designprodukte made in Germany. Unser Ziel ist es, flexible und funktionale Produkte zu entwickeln, die langfristig erfreuen und zudem Freiheit zum Spielen und Verändern lassen. Enthusiasmus, Experimentierfreude und Humor prägen unser kleines, aber feines Unternehmen in der Nähe Augsburgs. 

problems are there to be solved

Curiosity and the joy of innovation are the heart of our work. We enjoy the challenge of problem solving and seek for unconventional answers. It is not only the design that interests us, but the development of contemporary and adaptable concepts, that offer something more. Simplification and reduction to the elementary are our core values. Our goal is to develop furniture that intuitively fits to everyday life and makes it better, products that adapt and change with you.

the process is the goal

We sketch, draw and build prototypes. We try them out, change them and discard them again. We forget to eat and we sleep badly. We celebrate a breakthrough only to realise that it wasn´t the breakthrough after all. Designing is a process that is exhausting but exciting, frustrating but electrifying, and always different. Since 2011, we have been passionately developing exciting products and concepts to perfection. Our furniture is manufactured together with first-class companies in South-Germany.

Jakob Schenk also works as a freelance designer for companies like Rolf Benz Freistil and Softline.

in the beginning there was a wire model

The whole story began in 2009 when Jakob Schenk developed the Tick table leg system as part of his master's thesis at the University of Helsinki. An intensive year of experimenting and countless wire models resulted in price-winning, ingenious piece of furniture that changed the way people perceive a table. Soon after graduation, "young, a little naïve and full of energy", Jakob started his own company and organised the production near Munich. It didn´t take long until the Tick system made its way to a renown and beloved design classic.

why go far afield,
when the good is so close

It is not easy to produce high-quality products, which meet your extremely high standards. You need accomplished companies, smooth processes and good relationships. We co-operate with companies in southern Germany - often leading experts in their field - so we can always drop by and find better solutions together. Apart from these organisational advantages, we also give great importance to keeping the transport routes as short as possible for a small carbon footprint. Not to mention supporting the local craftmanship.

jakob schenk

Designer Jakob Schenk (*1980) studied interior design at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences and completed the master's programme in furniture design at Aalto University in Helsinki, where he graduated in 2010. After returning to Germany, he founded his own label, jakob schenk, for which he still designs, develops and distributes products. Simultaneously he works as a freelance designer for companies such as Rolf Benz and Softline. He also works on a wide range of planning projects in the field of interior design and architecture.


Interior Innovation Award, Winner, für Asket chair 

2019 Good Design Award, für das Sofa Wood, produziert von Softline

2015 Stahl-Innovationspreis, Finalist im Bereich Stahl-Design mit Tick

2015 Interior Innovation Award, Winner, für das Sofabett “Freistil 164″ für Rolf Benz Freistil 

2012 Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Gold Award für Tick   

2012 Blickfang Designpreis Gold für Tick 

2012 WCC-Europe EUNIQUE award for contemporary crafts, nominiert mit Tick     

2012 Interior innovation award, Imm Cologne, nominiert mit Tick

2011 Designers open jury award, nominiert mit Tick

2009 IKEA/radio NRJ design award, Helsinki, 1. Preis mit Tick

2008 Helsinki City planning competition about reuse of oil tanks in Kruunuvuorenranta, 2. Preis