WPD Mini herb garden


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The Wolperding Mini herb garden is your vertical garden for home or your kitchen. On the smallest footprint, your houseplants or kitchen herbs find a nice place in the sun. The WPD pots stand loosely in the matching holders and can be removed at any time.  All add-ons can be rotated 360° around the pole and can be mounted at any attachment point. The particular illustration therefore shows only one possibility of how to deal with the selected components. Further add-ons can be added at any time.

Design: Jakob Schenk
Made in Germany.

Wolperding is neither a table nor a lamp, neither a coat rack nor a plant stand, but a completely new type of furniture. Let your Wolperding pole grow with various functional accessories. The segmented pole is the heart of our Wolperding! It is consisting of a base plate, a base rod, an individual number of intermediate rods and a final rod, which are all connected by means of a screw connection. Between these connection points, various add-ons can be rotatably clamped, giving the Wolperding its individual functionality and aesthetics. The total height is determined by the number of intermediate rods used, the function by the add-ons used.

Base plate: 24 cm x 24cm x 0,8 cm
Base rod: length 16cm
Intermediate rods: length 23cm each
End rod: length 13cm

Base plate: 2,8 kg
Base rod: 0.3 kg
Intermediate rod: 0.3 kg
End rod: 0,2 kg

Detailed information about the add-ons can be found within the
Wolperding parts.
Wooden parts:
Solid oak, oiled

Metal parts:
Steel and aluminum, powder coated
Deep black RAL 9005, fine structure