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Mounting height         Pole height
1. Click to the left or right and select the wished add-on for each layer or only the rod.
2. Then select the pole height and the desired add-ons from the drop-down menus at the top of this page.

Note: Each add-on can be rotated and inserted in any layer. Therefore, the order of the add-ons in the list does not matter. The configurator only shows one way of dealing with the selected components.

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Das Wolperding ist weder Tisch noch Leuchte, weder Garderobe noch Pflanzenständer, sondern eine ganz neue Art von Möbelgattung. Vielfältige Funktionselemente wachsen an einem flexibel bestückbarem Stab zu einer vollkommen neuen Möbeltierart heran. 

Design: Jakob Schenk
Made in Germany.

Wolperding mainpage

The segmented pole is the heart of our Wolperding! It is consisting of a base plate, a base rod, an individual number of intermediate rods and a final rod, which are all connected by means of a screw connection. Between these connection points, various add-ons can be rotatably clamped, giving the Wolperding its individual functionality and aesthetics. The total height is determined by the number of intermediate rods used, the function by the add-ons used.

Base plate: 36 cm x 36cm x 1 cm
Base rod: length 16cm
Intermediate rods: length 23cm each
End rod: length 13cm

Base plate: 8 kg
Base rod: 0.3 kg
Intermediate rod: 0.3 kg
End rod: 0,2 kg

Detailed information about the add-ons can be found within the
Wolperding Parts.
Wooden parts:
Solid oak, oiled

Metal parts:
Steel and aluminum, powder coated
Deep black RAL 9005, fine structure