Runde are sophisticated iron tables with noble detailing and a characteristic edge. Highest quality, the simple form and timeless elegance distinguish these universally usable tables made of steel.

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The Runde tables are available in three heights, which can be very well combined with each other as needed.

The Runde tables consist of three parts, made of steel. These are simply screwed together, and the table is ready!

Characteristic for the Runde tables is the wide steel edge, which gracefully surrounds the table top. 


The Runde tables consist of three parts, base, rod and plate, which are simply twisted together. Characteristic is the 8mm wide steel edge, which is laser cut out of a flat steel plate and then welded onto a round plate. The remainder, which slopes down in the middle, then becomes the base plate. Thus, the rounds are manufactured with minimal waste. These are details that you can't see, but are nice to know. The rounds are available in three heights. 

Design: Jakob Schenk, 2015
Made in Germany

Full-faced felt glider at the base plate

Powdercoating, fine structure matt:

Black, RAL 9005

Weight: 5-6 kg (debending on size)