Freistil 164 can be transformed in record time. Only a single movement is needed to change from sitting to sleeping mode. An ingenious joint system makes this possible.

Manufacturer: Freistil Rolf Benz
Interior Innovation Award 2015, Winner

A chain of joints

A joint system that is partly visible and partly concealed in the upholstery makes it extremely easy to operate, coupled with exceptional functionality. Thanks to the ingenious folding mechanism, the seat and lying height remain the same and the sofa does not have to be moved away from the wall.

Comfort zones

The sofa has two different upholsteries, a soft upholstered seat and a harder upholstered lying surface. Optionally, there is a topper integrated into the back cushion, which further increases the sleeping pleasure for those in need of comfort.


The heart of the 164 is the innovative joint system.The elaborate development was done with the help of sketches, but largely through numerous tests on models in various scales.

Freistil 164

Design: Jakob Schenk, 2013
Hersteller: Freistil Rolf Benz
Bilder: Freistil Rolf Benz

Interior Innovation Award 2015, Winner