Tick Large

Tick Large is the perfect trestle for desks or dining tables. A bent metal structure similar to an oversized paper clip can be attached to any board turning it into a unique table with no screws or tools required. With Tick it is possible to design individual furniture outside the mass market. Users themselves are able to get creative by using a top from the carpenter, an old cupboard door or just a piece of board material, that is given a new purpose. The flexible system is ideal for creating everlasting design pieces as well as temporary setups.
Design: Jakob Schenk

Price per pair (without board)

EUR 295.00
Tax incl.


Technical data:

Dimensions: 65cm x 29cm x 72cm (WxDxH)
Material: Steel tube/Stainless steel tube D=16mm
Weight: 5,5 kg (per pair)


Black (mat powdercoated)
White (mat powdercoated)
Chrome (glossy)
Stainless steel (mat brushed)

Board recommendations:

Width of board: 65 -100 cm
Thickness of board: 20 - 33 mm
Weight of board: max 50kg